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James Bowyer LL.B., Notary Public. 77 West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 6PR.

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The service provided by me is that of a Notary Public carrying out all permitted notarial activities including, where appropriate, advising you on your arranging legalisation of documents and your sending them on.  An essential part of a notary’s role is to maintain and keep records. You can view details of how I handle your data , including my Data Protection Privacy Notice, on my website:


The notarial fee for this transaction will be £ (varies). This does NOT include disbursements/legalisation fees/postage/consular agent fees/courier/travelling fees/translating costs/VAT. The notarial fee charged may include time spent on preliminary advice, drafting and preparation time, making and receiving telephone calls, correspondence written and received in all formats,and record keeping.

Some documents require legalisation before they will be accepted for use in the receiving jurisdiction by obtaining an apostille through the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and, for some countries, additional legalisation is required through the relevant embassy or consulate.

I do not provide or arrange any legalisation services

You can visit The UK government Legalisation Office currently charges you £40 for one Apostille plus return postage to you. You instruct them and pay them direct.

For a faster service you can send your notarised documents to Legalisation Agents, “ The Apostille Service” ( They currently charge £82 for one apostille which includes return postage to you. You instruct them and pay them direct.

Both the Legalisation Office and The Apostille Service can post or courier your legalised documents abroad. Their charges for that depend on the level of service requested, and can be seen on their websites.

My notarial fees are not subject to VAT.

Payment for my notarial fees can be made by cash or debit (not credit) card. Payment of my fee is due when the document has been prepared which I may retain pending payment in full.

Occasionally unforeseen or unusual issues arise during the course of the matter which may result in a revision of my fee estimate. Examples of this could include where additional documents are required to be notarised, additional translations are needed to meet the requirements of the receiving jurisdiction, third party fees are adjusted to reflect external factors such as fuel price changes and so on. I will notify you of any changes in the fee estimate as soon as possible.

Service Information

Each notarial matter is different and the requirements will vary according to whether the client is a private individual or a company. Some of the typical key stages are likely to include:



I am insured under a professional indemnity policy for £1,000,000.00.

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